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Chronic pain is often disabling and requires uniquely customized treatment options to minimize the pain level without causing complications. Often times, a combination of different medications may provide the best pain relief if prepared properly.  Compound formulations of pain cream are specially designed to target and treat the site of pain with fewer complications seen with traditional methods.

Pain Management Pasadena

Pain creams are designed to deliver medication directly onto the site of pain for targeted relief. With a combination of target dosing, personalized treatment, and combined efforts of multiple ingredients, optimal pain relief can be achieved. Commercial form of pain medication often times cause stomach irritation and unpleasant adverse effects.  With compounded topical pain therapy management, risk of adverse effects and drug interactions are minimized and risk of dependence is virtually eliminated.  This is because alternative dosage forms may bypass the gastrointestinal tract. Topical formulations have benefits such as avoidance of unwanted ingredients, non-habit forming, minimization of side effects, delivery of medication directly onto site of pain, and improvement in patient compliance.