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Migraderm is a patented topical regional neuro-affective (TRNA) migraine therapy that is available as a transdermal cream. This compounded medication contains the active ingredient Sumatriptan along with other chemicals that work synergistically to provide migraine relief.  The medication is compounded in a dermal penetration enhancing medium and applied to the back of the neck to achieve migraine relief.

pasadena migraine treatment

There is a direct effect on the central nervous system through the free nerve endings at the back of the neck.  Migraderm works rapidly when applied directly on the back of the neck as it allows for high tissue saturation of the medication.

Migraine treatment

This dosage form allows for less adverse effects and drug-drug interactions.  Clinical studies have shown that no significant side effects were noted when using compounded TRNA therapy. Migraderm is an innovative administrative form that allows primary care doctors to consider an alternate approach for migraineurs who are unable to receive adequate relief from conventional systemic therapy. According to studies, patients reported that they experienced migraine relief within minutes of application of Migraderm.